P4/5 Summer Trip to Sea Life Lomond Shores

June 17th, 2016

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Yesterday we visited the Sea Life Centre at Loch Lomond. First we went upstairs to do an Oceans Art activity. We stuck ocean animals on to a sea background and decorated them with drawings.


Next, we saw fascinating creatures such as Otters, Sea Urchins, a blue lobster, a starfish, sharks, cleaner shrimps, sea horses, poisonous lion fish, clownfish, Cammy the Giant Green Turtle, Casper the Albino Dogfish and amazing luminous jellyfish.


Then we saw sharks and we learned that people are more likely to die from choking on a plastic bottle lid, from being hit on the head with a falling coconut or from taking a selfie than from being attacked by a shark. Only 10 people each year die from shark attacks.


We watched Turtle feeding time. Cammy enjoyed eating lettuce and cabbage for her lunch. She is the only Giant Green Turtle in Scotland.


After that, we went to the Rockpools to touch some Chocolate Chip Starfish and some Cleaner Shrimps. The starfish felt like a stone with chocolate chips and the shrimps swam up and tap danced on our fingers.


Finally, we visited the tunnel where we saw a gigantic guitar shark. We saw black and white tip reef sharks, bonnet sharks and a Moray Eel.


“We had a very fun and educational day. My favourite part was when we got to see Cammy swimming in the tunnel.” Mia Rose


“The trip we went on was the best trip ever because we got to see all different animals we have never seen before.” Luke


“We had a fantastic day because we got to learn that White Tip Reef Sharks can swim up to 22 miles per hour.” Dylan


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