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May 26th, 2016

avatar Raven Livara
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Primary 4/5 have been thinking about reasons why St Stephen’s is a good school for parents to send their children to. We had lots of different reasons when we wrote a persuasive text this morning.

Learning Intention: We are learning to write a persuasive text.

Context: Come to St Stephen’s

Success Criteria: *I can write in paragraphs.

                                *I can conclude with the strongest point.

                                * I can use challenging vocabulary.

Please enjoy reading my review of St Stephen’s below. Raven


Hello my name is Raven, I would like to talk about coming to St.Stephen’s . We want your child to come to St Stephen’s because we will make them welcome them and encourage them. Our teachers and staff will help overcome your fears and support your child’s learning. Our lollipop man will keep you safe whilst crossing the road. We have our own French teachers who teach us French. Our school will encourage  you and we will work as a team.

We have an ICT room, Art room, Rainbow room, French room, Gym hall, Library and the Lunch Hall. Our teacher set up a library because she wants us to read and study. We have a good Head Teacher because  she is a confident person. Our school is a Fairtrade school, an Eco school  and a Right Respecting school.

Our school is amazing because pupils designed a school tie just for us. We are the most loving, encouraging school ever. Our school is a fantastic  school because everyone in our school cares for each other. The teachers and the staff are fantastic , superb and brilliant because they help us learn and when we get hurt, they will make us better. Please come to St.Stephen’s !


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