Catholic Education Week 1st-7th February

February 3rd, 2016

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Published in Primary 4/5

This week is Catholic Education Week. Pope Francis has declared 2016 as the Year of Mercy, asking us all to be merciful like God Our Father. We have been asked to show mercy to others by :
* Visit the Imprisoned (or those who are lonely or sick)
* Feed the Hungry and give drink to the thirsty(share a little of
what we have with others, help those who are not as lucky as us)
* Comfort the sick (visit and help those who are ill, be a kind
* Bury the Dead
* Clothe the Naked (Give things we don’t need any more to those who
have nothing)
* Shelter the Homeless (Help someone in need)

Primary 4/5 have been learning about how to be merciful by exploring the lives of Catholic Role Models including:

* Maximilian Kolby
Maximilian was a polish priest who was arrested by the Nazis and sent to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. One day a prisoner escaped and the others were punished. The guards chose 10 men to kill. They were to be left in a bunker without food or water until they died. Maximilian gave up his life and took the place of a man who was a father and husband. Maximilian was the last to die in the bunker on the 14th August 1941. He comforted the others in the bunker by praying with them and reassuring them that God was with them.

*Mary Glowrey
Mary was a qualified surgeon and nun from Australia. She heard about the thousands of sick babies in India and spent 25 years helping them after World War 1. She set up orphanages to care for the sick babies who had no one else to care for them.

* Oscar Romero
Oscar was a priest from El Salvador in South America. He chose to live a simple life. He gave his own money and money from the Church to pay for medicine and food for sick and poor people. Oscar stood up for the people of El Salvador who were being badly treated. Up to 3000 people were killed each day by the government. Oscar used the radio to give people messages of hope and God’s love. He was killed whilst he was saying Mass in an attack planned by the government who did not like his messages.

*Dorothy Day
Dorothy was a writer who took the teaching of Jesus to poor families and workers. She started an organisation that set up homes for the homeless and provided a safe place for them to stay and good food for them to eat. Everyone worked together to build and clean the homes and make the food which the poorest people needed to survive.

*Pope Francis
Pope Francis was born in Argentina and his name was Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He chose to be named after Saint Francis who lived a humble life, loved nature and treated everyone equally and kindly. His humbleness, openness, and his straightforward, no-nonsense manner soon made him very popular. He is still our Pope today after being elected in 2013.

*Mother Teresa
Named Agnes when she was born, Mother Teresa was very, very well known for her kindness and care for the sick and orphaned children of Calcutta, India. She cared for many people who had a horrible disease called Leprosy. The sick people were sent away from their families because their illness could be passed on. Mother Teresa and her nuns washed their skin and cared for them. Mother Teresa also saved 37 children who were trapped when a war broke out. She trusted that God would keep her safe and she brought the children to safety. She is now a saint of the Catholic Church because of her love for others.

*Jean Varnier
Jean started by setting up a home called L’Arche in France where people who have learning difficulties could stay together on holiday and make friends. He started to work with the homeless, prisoners, those who are abandoned. Today, Jean Vanier continues to live in the original L’Arche community in France. He gives lots of his time to training young assistants and encourages them to travel, to give talks and to help others.

* Mary MacKillop
Mary MacKillop was born on 15 January 1842 in Melbourne, Victoria. Her parents were born in Scotland and came to live in Australia. She had three sisters and four brothers.
Mary cared about the people who had no one to look after them such as boys and girls who just roamed the streets, children in the country who had no school to go to, people who were old and sick and people who had nowhere to live. Mary wanted more than anything to help these people. She set up a school with Father Julian Tenison Woods to provide a free Catholic Education to children who could not afford to pay their school fees.

*Caroline Chisholm
Caroline found that the wives and daughters of the ordinary soldiers were not living in good conditions. They were wandering the streets involved in crime while the officers had schools for their children and educated wives had a nice lifestyles.
Caroline appealed to the Governor of Madras for help in starting a school for the poorer women.
Once the school was started she was strict but got the girls to form committees so that they were self governing even though there was an official governing body. She encouraged the young people to think for themselves.
She also started the world’s first ever crèche by inviting mothers to bring their children in to the school so that the girls who were studying there could learn crafts while the parents enjoyed some much needed time to learn and work.

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