Time to go home for Christmas

December 22nd, 2015

avatar Jingle Dan Snowflake
Published in Primary 4/5


The time has come to say goodbye

I feel so sad, I want to cry.

I have to go, I can’t delay

I’m off to help Santa prepare his sleigh.


There’s lots to do, to wrap and make

lots to mend and cookies to bake.


I’ve had such fun with all of you

getting up to tricks in Room 2.

You’ve done so well and been so good-

you didn’t touch me, you weren’t rude.


This has been my first elf job.

My supervisor was an elf named Bob.

He said I did well, told Santa I was good

I asked could I come back next year.

He said maybe I would.


Remember friends, remember do

the things Jingle Dan has taught you

  • be kind
  • be nice
  • be helpful, you
  • make people happy
  • do your bit
  • share and work hard too.


Before I leave I’d like to share

Some magic with you because I care.

Santa said you can give me a hug

to say goodbye and share your love.


So cuddle me close and when you feel sad

think of the little elf friend you have.


Love from Jingle Dan






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