Out and About in St Stephen's

December 10th, 2015

avatar Jingle Dan Snowflake
Published in Primary 4/5

imageimageWhen no one is looking I’m having some fun

Out and about all on my own.

I’m touring the school as brave as can be

Hoping that no one will spot me.

I’ve had all of yesterday’s extra packed lunch

I’ve played with the photocopier

then had more to munch.

I’ve worn Christmas earrings and hid in a pot,

I have to say, I’ve done a lot!

I have read the Magic Finger on a lovely green seat

and cuddled Jaye’s teddy who lay at my feet.

Keep your eyes open- keep them peeled

At about lunchtime I want my next meal!



Oh! One thing I almost forgot

I took yesterday’s advent calendar shot

Please forgive, me don’t be sad

I’m just a bit naughty, not really bad!



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