Happy Friday!

December 11th, 2015

avatar Jingle Dan Snowflake
Published in Primary 4/5





Friday is my favourite day,

It means the weekend’s on the way.

So I can get up to some more mischief

When the teachers, boys and girls leave.


Today I thought it would be funny

to take myself on another journey,

around the school looking for fun.

At St Stephen’s I know I will always find some.


So I went to the cloakroom to stretch my legs

I answered the phone in Mrs Carson’s office.

I played the computer and there I won

I can do my tables starting from one.


I made friends with Malawi Joe

I checked to see what the children know.

I put some stickers on my face

What a day- it was ace!


Happy weekend and don’t forget me

I’ll be having fun until you come back to get me!





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