Happy days at Ngumbe!

October 8th, 2015

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Standard 2 learning in the library. DSCN1888

Standard 4 enjoying their new chakboards. DSCN1476

We had another very productive day at Ngumbe today- after teaching standards 6 and 5 in the library, using The a Smartest Giant in Town and Monkey Puzzle, the Snorty Bull song and Scratch My Tummy Like A Chimpanzee. It was time to get back to the hard work- painting more chalk boards. Our team was reduced to two since Mr Gilmour was teaching Scottish Country Dancing and Mr Anderson and Miss Paterson had left at our knock off time to visit the orphanage. Jacqueline, our student from Strathclyde University and I got stuck in and painted another 8 classrooms’ boards. We now look like oversized Dalmatians, smell of paint remover and ache from head to toe but we are really happy that with just 3 more classrooms to paint, everyone at Ngumbe can enjoy the results of our work.
This morning as we went to the library, teachers were shouting across the playground, telling me that “You have done a good job” “I salute you” and “I feel like I have a brand new classroom” whilst patting me on the back and shaking my hand until it almost fell off. I told them that my friends, family and children at St Stephen in Scotland made it possible and they have asked me to tell you that they are very grateful and say a big thanks from everyone at Ngumbe. I don’t think I have seen people so excited and grateful. One of the classrooms is in the old church building- standard 4- around the same age as my own children at St Stephen’s. That’s where we started painting today. The two boards there had been very well used and the paint had worn away quite badly. I would love to be there tomorrow when the teachers see those boards- they look brand new! Tamandani gave me a message from Gift, the teacher who has been working most closely with myself and Mr Anderson. He has been struck down with Malaria and was very poorly so he was not able to continue with work after Monday this week. He said hello and apologised for not being at school. He comes to school early at 6 every morning to help his standard 8 pupils pass their exams. Tamandani says that he should be well again within a few days after taking some medicine he got from the hospital. I am hoping that he might be well enough for us to meet him again before we leave- it would be fantastic to see him back to his normal happy self, singing and dancing to Down in the Jungle with more energy and enthusiasm than the children! Love from Miss Black x

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