Wonderful William Village 20/09/15

September 21st, 2015

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Mrs Kamwendo at her new home. DSCN0162

The boys and girls in William will soon have a new school. DSCN0135

On Sunday, we visited William Village which is about a 40 minute journey from our hotel. I visited in 2013 and really enjoyed seeing what life is like in a real Malawian village. I was very happy to find that Justin’s mum who is more than 80 years old was there-healthy and happy, waiting to meet us on the front step of her newly built house. She now has a bed to sleep on and a bigger home that she can move around more easily. The boys and girls we met last time are much bigger now and were playing happily in the fields when we arrived. There are many more people in William than in 2013 and they are all very happy because a school is being built. Hundreds of children live there but have no school to go to at the moment. The children haven’t learned English but they like to play and sing Chichewa songs with visitors. Their new school will have a Mary’s Meals kitchen, 3 classrooms and a school house for the teachers to live in. It will be built in just 18 days by a team of 32 volunteers from near Glasgow. I was very very happy to have the chance to visit William Village again because I can see that in just two years, life has changed for the better for the families who live there. This is because they have worked together to make their community a better place. It reminded me of Sighthill and all the changes that are taking place with our school and the houses our boys and girls live in. It made me think of the families at our school, of how much we have achieved in the past and can achieve in our future if we continue to work together to make our school and our community the best we possibly can!

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