Three Cheers for Chitsime!

September 28th, 2015

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Wow Said the Owl in Ngumbe. image

Reunited with Mrs Nthali, the new Head Teacher of Chitisme. image
Chitsime’s wonderful new library. DSCN0453

What a busy and emotional day Thursday was! Mr Anderson and I were picked up this morning by our friend Justin Kamwendo to go to our school Ngumbe. First, we worked in the library with Gift and Tamandani labelling and recording names of books to speed up the library process. I worked with standard 5 learning about colours and numbers through use of library books. They really enjoyed singing There Were 10 in the Bed and 10 Little Speckled Frogs and there were plenty of laughs and smiles! Next, I went to work with Tamandani and some of the younger children in the yard playing games and singing. Whilst I was busy doing that, Mr Anderson was teaching Standard 8 about Flat Stanley and Maths games. When we had finished, Chandra (a standard 7 teacher who has been working with Ned) came and asked if she could wash our hands because she had prepared some food for us. When she had finished teaching she rushed home to cook for us. I am overwhelmed by the generosity shown to us by all of the Malawian people during our trip so far. It’s definitely something I will not forget! Next, the moment I have been waiting for- I visited Chitsime and met all of my friends I made there from my last visit. Justin even allowed me to phone Grace (former head teacher) who told me that she is retired, happy and resting. I hope to meet her during this trip. When I arrived at Chitsime, Chimango called my name and ran to me for a hug as soon as I opened the car door! He took me to Mrs Nthali who then led Mr Anderson and I round on a tour of the school. I can honestly say I was absolutely blown away. The ruined building from the fire still stands with no roof but work has begun to restore it to its former glory. As I walked along I saw a new building complete with 2 new classrooms, a new Mary’s Meals kitchen and a brand new toilet block sponsored by Coca Cola. Mrs Nthali then led me to the new library and as soon as she opened the door I was reduced to a sobbing wreck. It was better than I could ever have imagined- big, bright and crammed with beautiful colourful books. The cherry on the cake for me was that Mrs Nthali showed me the log book which is full of entries about books that the children have borrowed and returned. Proof that the work we started at Chitsime over 2 years ago is still having an impact- a big impact! For me, this is more than I could ever have hoped for from my return visit. It makes all the saving, preparation and time I’ve had to wait to return to Malawi more than worth it. I will go back before I leave with the books that I have bought from the money we raised at school, safe in the knowledge that MLOL is having an even bigger impact than I could have ever dreamed. If you have helped me in ANY way, thank you from the bottom of my heart- we have made a tangible difference and one I am confident will last long into the future! xx

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