Monday morning... Time for school!

September 22nd, 2015

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On Monday morning it was time for school and I felt even more excited than I did when we were on our way to William on Sunday. First stop was Ngumbe Primary where I will be working with Mr Anderson from Abercorn School in Glasgow. It is in the countryside, away from the city. The Head Teacher, Mrs Chilowa met us and welcomed us to her school with crowds of children who played with the MLOLs, danced and sang songs. They sang Wasa Wasa, a song that P4/5 know well. A tiny little girl called Clara came and told me that she needed a hug- she was my first friend at Ngumbe. She smiled and held on to me as I walked around.

Next stop was Zingwangwa Primary where we met a well known special needs teacher, Mr Chekani. He helps the children who need extra support to learn because of health issues such as being unable to walk, see or hear.

Next, we went on to Catholic Institute where we met Vincent, the Head Teacher who visited Glasgow in April. He was very pleased to see the MLOLs coming to his school again. Even although the weather is very hot, I noticed that some children were wearing fur coats and winter jackets. They didn’t struggle to run along beside the bus waving to us as we left for Chilomoni Primary.

The last school on our tour for the day was Chilomoni. There, the children sang a song to welcome us and followed us round as we explored their school. I noticed that some children were collecting water from a stream at the bottom of a hill. Others were holding tins with rags inside. In Malawi, the children clean the classrooms. These children were going back to class to mop the floor with their rags and water. Any volunteers to help Margaret and Mr Brand keep St Stephen’s clean?

I hope that you are all well and working hard this week. I am missing everyone at St Stephen’s but having a wonderful time and learning lots more about life in Africa to share with you all.
Love from Miss Black x

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