Primary 4 Our World: Natural Disasters

May 27th, 2015

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Primary 4 have been learning about Our World this term. We have chosen to learn about natural disasters including earthquakes and volcanoes. All of the boys and girls have been using their library research and Internet research skills to find out about volcanoes this week. We have made our own PowerPoint presentations to show what we have learned and improve our ICT skills. We hope you enjoy reading them. Please check back for more information and a chance to see some of our Art work.

What do the children think?
raven pompeii
“It is really fun and interesting to learn about volcanoes. I enjoyed making a PowerPoint because I can share my learning and help other people to learn about Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii. I would recommend that everyone visits Pompeii because I went there at Easter and saw the village covered with volcanic rock. Pompeii is a nice holiday destination because it is really hot and you can find out about volcanoes and Roman history.” Raven

Ahmed S Krakatoa
“I have learned that volcanoes spill lava. I liked learning about Pompeii because I like volcanoes. They are interesting. Miss Chalmers helped me to find facts to make my Powerpoint. It was good fun!” Ahmed S

Mia Rose-Mount Etna
“I have learned that the lava that shoot out of volcanoes moves really fast. It is so hot that people die from their injuries after lava touches them. I enjoyed learning about Mount Etna because the information was true and I had a lot of fun.” Mia Rose

Ahmed S Krakatoa
Title: Ahmed S Krakatoa
Filename: ahmed-s-krakatoa.pptx
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Mia Rose-Mount Etna
Title: Mia Rose-Mount Etna
Filename: mia-rose-mount-etna.pptm
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raven pompeii
Title: raven pompeii
Filename: raven-pompeii.pptx
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