Breaking News: Primary 4 Election 2015

May 13th, 2015

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News just in from Primary 4:

To help us better understand the events of the 2015 UK General Election, P4 have been investigating how the public go about electing a new parliament.

What the children thought:
Sophie:“I think it was fun and exciting to learn about the General Election. I learned all the names of the real political parties and their leaders. I found out about MPs and the House of Commons . I was really surprised by some of the real party manifestos. I liked when we made our own political parties and found out about the ballot box and the ballot paper. In the future I will remember that a vote should be private and it should be your own choice who you vote for.”

Raven:“I enjoyed learning about the political parties and their manifestos. I want to learn more vocabulary to do with politics. The best bits were when we split into teams and when we got to vote. I will remember to check if the real politicians have kept the promises that they made in their election manifestos.”

First the children selected their own political party and party name. We had:

The Turbocrats
Party Leader: Raven
Party Members: Yusra, Courtney, Ahmed O

All Respective
Party Leader: Mia
Party Members: Paul, Colton, Ahmed S

The Nation Party
Party Leader: Tony
Party Members: Sophie, Morghan, Seany

The Strongest Party (TSP)
Party Leader: Jaye
Party Members: Adam, Dede,Kah Weng

The parties looked at the manifestos of the current active parties in the UK to get an idea of promises they would like to include in their own election manifesto. The children discussed their ideas and came up with the following Manifestos:

The Turbocrats
* People who work hard in class will get a good wage.
* Teachers and PSAs who do a good job of educating
the children will get paid more money.
* Everyone who works hard to protect the school
environment will get good rewards.

All Respective
*We will do more fundraising so that kids can go on more trips.
* We will make sure that all children learn in a really fun way.
* We will petition the government for more money for schools.

The Nation Party
* We will introduce Golden Time 5 times per month.
* We will reduce school hours to 9am-1pm so that the
children can have an extra 2 hours of fun each day.
* We will have a school trip every week.

The Strongest Party (TSP)
*We will make Mondays Massage Mondays for teachers and children.
* We will introduce Football Fridays when the children play football all day and have no work.
* We will give children Disco Wednesday and Movie Mondays.

We found out about majority and coalition governments and set a target of 9 votes for an outright majority in our class election.

We found out that votes are done privately in a polling booth so we set a booth up in our class to allow us to cast our votes.

We used ballot papers and voted with an X in the box next to the party we chose to vote for.

Waiting for the result of the election was very tense. We all hoped that our parties would win.

In the end, the Nation Party had 7 votes, the TSP and All Respective had 4 votes each, Turbocrats had 2 votes and there was one spoiled paper because someone ticked the box instead of writing X.

Therefore, we need to negotiate a coalition government for our class as there was no outright winner.

Well done P4- you showed great leadership, talking and listening and team work skills!

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